Friday, January 20, 2012

The Passing of Spirit.

I found out today that a really close and connected friend's mother unexpectedly passed away over the holidays. I was caught off guard, but immediately sensed an overwhelming obliteration of peace upon receiving the information. I felt compelled to share our texts this afternoon. I asked permission and it was granted...

C.B. : Hey... Just noticed on facebook that you have suffered a great loss. I am not sure what happened, but I just want you to know that I Love You & I am always here for you. I am sitting on a lot of time these days if you feel the need to reach out. You know where to find me. Love You always!

Friend: Hey C.B. Thanks for writing. My mom passed away suddenly over the holidays. It's been a challenging few weeks. Her memorial is this Sunday. I'd love to catch up when things calm down a bit. Miss ya! Hope all is well in your world. Love and light.

C.B. : Holy crap, I am so sorry to hear that. I know this is not easy, but let her spirit guide you thru this. She will always be with you, no doubt. Feel the feelings and know that you are Loved... and that you are Love. I will always be here for you, never forget. Love is the answer.

Friend: Thanks C.B.... means so much. She really liked you ever since meeting you at Thanksgiving. You are right... Love is always the highest energy and answer.

C.B. : It is a blessing that I had the honor of meeting her. And she told me how much she Loves you, and is proud of what you do, and believes in you. There is not much more you and I could ask for... The approval of our parents for following our hearts even though it may not be the most widely accepted path on this Earth @ the present moment. Let her spirit merge with yours, and mine, and everyone else's Life she touched, and together we will all ascend to Heaven.

 Friend: So true... so special... Thanks for reminding me of these things...

C.B.: Absolutely. And thank you for always merging with me...

Friend: :-)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spoken Truth ~ Session 5.

Here is the final Spoken Truth ~ Session 5. When I visited my family a few weeks ago, I escaped one evening to watch the sunset in Nags Head, NC. It was pure bliss, and I knew that the footage would work for this session. I have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, and will do more in the near future. For now, it is time to focus on the Ghastly U.S. Tour. The blog will slow down, only to come back more fresh, pristine, and charged after this miraculous tour that is about to take place. I hope to see you on the road, in the flesh. I Love You All So Dearly! Remember, you are with me at all times! ∞ ~ C.B.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


They just built a pier a block from my apartment, so, I recently took the new East River Ferry for a free spin around the city. It was quite a rush, and absolutely refreshing. Plus, I got some great footage, so I felt compelled to share. I decided to set it to my new drum project, H E A R T ∞ B E A T, featuring Rob H., and myself. I am quite pleased with the sounds we are coming up with. Long time friend and master percussionist, Robert, just moved to NYC from LA. We have been rekindling the flame of the everlasting World Beat. Enjoy! Love To All! ~ C.B.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

G H A S T L Y ∞ T O U R

Most of you probably know that I am a musician. Some may not. But, the truth is, I am here to play music. I have been playing since I was 9. I am now 35. It has always been my calling.

But, 8 years ago, when along a road trip up Route 1, along the Full West Coast of the U.S., from Tijuana, Mexico to Vancouver, Canada, I had a shift in Consciousness. I knew for the first time with absolute certainty that I am here to play music. The decision came to me "readymade." There was no doubt, not even .01%. I knew I had to to move to NYC to play and share music. I recall driving up that coast and thinking ~ I wanna be touring up this coast, playing music, and sharing great times with authentic human beings... well, dreams do turn into reality. Here I Am...  

When I am on tour, I am sure this blog will slow down, but it will be a time of building towards bigger adventures, and refreshing insights. I am so grateful that everyone has allowed me into their lives. It is a wonderful experience... I hope to see you on the road. 

∞ L O V E ∞ ~ C.B. ∞

Monday, June 13, 2011

F A M I L Y ∞ M E D I T A T I O N

Last week I went home to VA and NC to visit my family. It was a relaxing and pleasant experience, so I wanted to share the way that I view my family. This is what it is like to visit family from my perspective. I hope that we can all take something meaningful out of this playful video. I want you all to know that you are my family too, I Love You! ~ C.B.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Q U E S T I O N ∞ & ∞ A N S W E R

I recently posted this quote that came thru me...

We must first allow Life to be the way it is, fully accepting, allowing, and embracing that Life knows what we need, when we need it. ∞♥∞

This quote seemed to raise a lot of questions, and I felt this question from Al Bailey summed it up really well...

"The HOW to is vital in sharing the what to do. C.B., could you give an example of HOW you reach this experience. The HOW to may be different for each of us; yet breathing is our commonality. Please share how it relates with "Breathing Solutions" for the sake of conversation and our personal growth process. Blessings..."

So, here is my response...

"I was simply referring to accepting the is-ness of any situation that arises in our daily lives. Simply the initial "is-ness." There is great power in this. From there, we can choose wisely. Otherwise, to not accept the initial is-ness, is to react. We will find that when we can learn to "Breathe First," we are no longer the reaction to any given circumstance that occurs in our life situation. When practiced, we will be better equipped to deal with situations as they arise. We will no longer "become the reaction." I am thankful that we are all helping each other here. It is a wonderful experience." 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

∞ A Dark Night's Journey ∞

Into The Dark Night's Journey Of The Soul... Oh I tell you now, you have No~Thing to fear. Nothing. Shine Your Bright Light on this Dark Night. Face the Beast to find it only a mirage and an illusion... Rise above my Dear Friend... it is in You! 

L O V E  ~ ∞ C.B. ∞