Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Q U E S T I O N ∞ & ∞ A N S W E R

I recently posted this quote that came thru me...

We must first allow Life to be the way it is, fully accepting, allowing, and embracing that Life knows what we need, when we need it. ∞♥∞

This quote seemed to raise a lot of questions, and I felt this question from Al Bailey summed it up really well...

"The HOW to is vital in sharing the what to do. C.B., could you give an example of HOW you reach this experience. The HOW to may be different for each of us; yet breathing is our commonality. Please share how it relates with "Breathing Solutions" for the sake of conversation and our personal growth process. Blessings..."

So, here is my response...

"I was simply referring to accepting the is-ness of any situation that arises in our daily lives. Simply the initial "is-ness." There is great power in this. From there, we can choose wisely. Otherwise, to not accept the initial is-ness, is to react. We will find that when we can learn to "Breathe First," we are no longer the reaction to any given circumstance that occurs in our life situation. When practiced, we will be better equipped to deal with situations as they arise. We will no longer "become the reaction." I am thankful that we are all helping each other here. It is a wonderful experience." 


  1. Thanks my friend. You are a true spirit artist. You've really grown into this and your sharing has touched us all in a positive light.

  2. Yeah it is a long experimental training but worth it.